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Man in the Mirror

Man in the Mirror
Great 'n Glory
geboren am:
Besitzer: Fam. Buhl, Export Dänemark

Besuchte Ausstellungen von Man in the Mirror
Datum Ort Austellung Auszeichnung Richter(in)

Man in the Mirror's Vater, CH. Bsg. Foxstaff off the Richter with Ramblestaff ( UK )

Man in the Mirror's Mutter, ICh., JCH. Dairy Felicity Cheer

Man in the Mirror Great 'n Glory gestromt, wss. Abzeichen

Ch. Bsg. Foxstaff off the Richter with Ramblestaff

Ch.Tornadostorm The Legacy Ch. Wyrefare Prince Naseem Wyrefare Midland Sureshot
Fromestaff Extravaganza of Wyrefare
Kerrisdale Tornado Queen Ch. Spirestaff Jimmy Jazz
Kerrisdale Fiery Angel
Ramblestaff Jackpot Via Foxstaff JW Ramblestaff Jacknife JW. Chelmstaff Soldier Boy at Rotherstaff
Maid to Order for Ramblestaff
Loxbull Dream of Ramblestaff Ramblestaff Game on
Bullbrit Kara's Pride

InterCh. Dairy Felicity Cheer
schwarz, wss. Abz.

Inter.Ch. Staffkar (Import Italy)


L-2-HGA & HC clear

Ch. Rapit Shot Buldozer
schwarz L-2-HGA clear
Victory March Pullera
schwarz, wss.Abz.

Ch. Luna-Lust Buldozer
Ch.Darklady (Import Italy) schwarz L-2-HGA clear
MultiCh. Inter.Ch. Moosskel Goget Ehm (UK) gestromt,wss.Abz.

Little Heroes Affair (UK)

Inter.Ch. Anne-Marie Felicity Cheer weiss JCh. Escecil RAC Popelka
rot, wss. Abz.
Amerro La Rue z Hambalek

rot, wss. Abz.
Astra Mici RAC Popelka

Ch. Aggi Zdenbeky Czech weiss

L-2-HGA & HC clear

Inter. Ch. Falcon RAC Popelka gestromt, schw. Abz.
Beky Bohemia Tau-Ros weiss, gest. Abz.
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