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Kill your Idols
Great 'n Glory
geboren am:
Wyrefare the Governor JW (UK)

Ch. Dress to Impress Great 'n Glory (D)


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Vater, Wyrefare the Governor JW. (UK)

Mutter, Ch. Dress to Impress Great 'n Glory (D)




Kill your Idols Great 'n Glory

rot m. wss. Abz.


L-2-HGA clear &

HC clear

Wyrefare the Governor JW

rot, wss. Abz.

L-2-HGA & HC clear

Ch. Bourtie Red Prospect

rot, wss.Abz.

Ch. Bourtie Prospect of Glory

Sparstaff Son Xoriguer
Bourtie Dark Indulgence

Ch. Bourtie Originario JW

Bourtie True Survivor
Grooverider Cast No Shadow

Seastaff Flaming Belle of Wyrefare


Northpoints Red Devil at Seastaff

Ch. WorldWinner Zutar African Dugar
Northpoints Foreign Affair

Stokes Red Rose

Seastaff Smooth Criminal
Kenue Riding Hood

Ch. Dress to Impress Great 'n Glory

rot m. wss. Abzeichen

L-2-HGA & HC clear

JCh., Club JCh.,ClubJSg2005. Bodie Eilatan dunkelrot, wss. Abz.

L-2-HGA & HC clear
Ch. JCh. ClubJCh. Randal Hanvoj dunkelrot wss. Abz. Ch. Glen z Roztyl weiss mit roten Abz.
Ch. Daisy Hanvoj
gold, wss. Abz.

Dafne Gold z Hambalek

rot wss Abz.
InterCh. Bsg. Dalestock London Pride rot
JCh. Atella z Hambalek weiss m.roten.Abz.

Aila Pio z Aggami
weiss m. gestromten Abzeichen

L-2-HGA & HC clear

Europasieger Ch. ClubCh. Bapollo Bohemia Tau-Ros weiss mit gestromten Abzeichen Dragon Argiope
dunkelgestromt mit weissen Abzeichen
Cynthia Hanvoj
gestromt, wss. Abz.
Agatta Red Igor
gold m. wss. Abz.
Akim z Kaunic
Rina Hanvoj
gold m. wss. Abz.
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