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Fire and Ice Great 'n Glory
geboren am:

 Besitzer:Christine Berti, Sealstaff, Export Schweiz (CH)

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Fire and Ice's Vater,  Herodotus a friend in me by Chapmeek  (UK)

Fire and Ice's Mutter, Aila Pio z Aggami (D)


Fire and Ice
Great 'n Glory

Weiss mit roten Abzeichen


L-2-HGA clear &

HC clear

Herodotus a friend in me by Chapmeek

L-2-HGA & HC clear

Ch. Jackstaff Fascination

rot wss. Abz.

Jackstaff Johnny Handsome At Shirestaff CH. Ensburys Little Lad at Shirestaff
CH. Parkstaff Special Envoy At Jackstaff
Jackstaff Infactuation Lancstaff Noblese Nidaros
Shirestaff Fair Exchange At Jackstaff

Jackstaff Affirmation at Herodotus

weiss mit roten Abz.

Jagsstaff The RainmakerCH. Jackstaff Fascination
Jagsstaff Golden Enigma
Ooh La La at Jackstaff CH. Jackstaff Fascination
Jackstaff Kellies Eye

 Aila Pio z Aggami
weiss m. gestromten Abzeichen

L-2-HGA & HC clear 

Europasieger Ch. ClubCh. Bapollo Bohemia Tau-Ros weiss mit gestromten Abzeichen Dragon Argiope
dunkelgestromt mit weissen Abzeichen
G Man Alet
gestromt, wss. Abz.

Ch Pretty Witch Alet gestromt

Cynthia Hanvoj
gestromt, wss. Abz.
Ch. Bubby Boy Hanvoj
gestromt, wss. Abz.
Ch. Bella Kid Staff`s weiss
Agatta Red Igor
gold m. wss. Abz.
Akim z Kaunic
Ariel Plzenska hvezda

Allegheny z Lodice
Rina Hanvoj
gold m. wss. Abz.
Ch. Glen z Roztyl      weiß m. gold. Abz.
Ch. Daisy Hanvoj   gold, wss. Abz.
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