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East Midlands Sbt Club Championship Show
MultiJCh.Europe Winner Hulk Hogan Great 'n Glory
Best in Show, Best of Breed, Best Male, CC & Open Class Winner of 318 Staffordshire Bull Terriers
Judge Mr Jamie Mace (Janastaff, UK /Owner of WW InterCh. Stormbull Solo JW)
I am absolutely over the moon! Many thanks to the Judge Mr Mace for thinking so highly about Hulk.

Hulk wurde der beste Staffordshire Bull Terrier von 318!!!! Rassevertretern in England

16 nov hulk hogan east m sbt clubch


Cacib Dortmund 2016
BOS, Best Male, Champion Class Exc.1, VDH CAC, Club CAC & Cacib
"European Winner 2016, Bjsg. MultiJCh., UK CC, RCC Winner Hulk Hogan Great 'n Glory"
Judge Mr James Byrnes (Lackyle,Irl)
Bester Rüde der intern. Show Dortmund 2016

hulk hogan dortmund october 2016

International Show Cacib Dortmund
Best of Breed, Best Bitch, Open Class Exc.1, VDH Cac, Club Cac & Cacib
"Can't touch this Great 'n Glory"
Judge Mr James Byrnes (Lackyle, Irl)
Bester Staffordshire Bull Terrier der Show
Jane is the sister to Ch. CC Winner Cassius Clay





Club Match Holland
First show for "Off da Hook Great 'n Glory"
Baby Class Bitches 2. Place (of 9)
Judge Fred Jones (Irl)

off da hook great n glory 10 16 01 off da hook great n glory 10 16 02



Club Match Holland 2016
On the Highway To Hell Great 'n Glory
(Uk Ch/Ch. It's Prince Naseem GNG x Can't Touch this GNG)
Baby Class 2.place (of 6)
Judge Mrs M. Coble (UK)

On the Highway To Hell Great n Glory 10 16 01 On the Highway To Hell Great n Glory 10 16 02




Clubber Lang Great 'n Glory
Winner "Best Head Competition 2016"
1st Open Class & Res.CAC Winner
Judge Mrs Rita Smith-Waters (Ashstock, UK)
Club Show DCBT Germany 2016
Clubber is the brother of Ch. Uk CC Winner Cassius Clay Great 'n Glory

 Clubber Lang Great n Glory sept 2016




Best of Breed & CC Windsor 2016


Bester Staffordshire Bull Terrier (von 126!!!) der berühmten englischen Windsor Dog Show

MultiJCh. EuropeW. Hulk Hogan Great 'n Glory
Judge: Mr Paul Martin

Hulk Hogan Great n Glory august 2016



National Show Bremen 2016
Couple Class 3.Place Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Helena & Hulk

national show bremen 2016


Helena of Troy Great 'n Glory won today again the Intermediate Class and the VDH CAC At the National Show Bremen.
She needs now only one more CAC for the german Champion title. Helena is the sister to Hulk  
Special thanks to Marcel Brehme for the handling and the judge Mrs O. Zilli (It)
Also a big hug to Vivien Schröder for making all the weekend pics for me.

Helena of Troy Great n Glory 01 Helena of Troy Great n Glory 02



Woohooo today again Best of Breed!!!

Esg. MultiJCh. Bjsg. Uk CC Hulk Hogan Great'n Glory
1st Open Class, Best Male & Best of Breed
Judge: Mrs Orietta Zilli (Italy)
National Show Bremen
Bester Staffordshire Bull Terrier an beiden Tagen der intern. & nat. Show Bremen

 Hulk Hogan Great n Glory Bremen july 2016




CACIB International Show Bremen
Terrier Group 2nd SBT
"EuW. Bjsg.MultiJCh. UK CC& RCC Winner
Hulk Hogan Great 'n Glory" (20 months)
Bester Staffordshire Bull Terrier & 2.Platz Bester Terrier der intern.Show Bremen von 32 rassebesten Terriern
Many thanks to the judge Mr Falk Siewert (Ger) for giving Hulk the BOB and Mr Igor Selimovic (Cro) for placing him on the 2nd in the strong terrier group.

 Hulk Hogan Great n Glory Bremen july 30 2016

1st Open Class, Cacib Winner, Best Male &

Judge Mr. Falk Siewert (GER)
Offene Klasse Vorzüglich 1, CAC, CACIB, bester Rüde & bester Staffordshire Bull Terrier der intern. Show Bremen

hulk hogan bremen 30 7 16 01 hulk hogan bremen 30 7 16 02 hulk hogan bremen 30 7 16 03



International Show Cacib Bremen
Helena of Troy Great 'n Glory
Intermediate Class Winner Exc.1, VDH CAC
Judge Mr Falk Siewert (Ger)
Many thanks for the super handling of Helena to Marcel Brehme !!!

Helena of Troy Great n Glory Bremen 30 07 16 01 Helena of Troy Great n Glory Bremen 30 07 16 02


Critique Windsor Ch Show 2016
Thank you very much Mr Paul Martin for this lovely critique!!!! 
Judge: Mr Paul Martin
Ger Lux Dutch Hulk Hogan Great 'n Glory Jun Ch
I judged this young dog in Holland last year and gave him junior , today he surpassed my expectations , I totally loved him he was my star of the day , a stunning head with great expression , balanced through out . His handler has a great connection with the dog and confidence shines through ,breed type oozes from him proud to award him his cc and BOB wish I owned him .


 hulk hogan windsor july 2016hulk hogan windsor july 2016 02



5.6. 2016

Championnat de France Metz

Judge M. Roger Barenne
1st Open class male of 28 entered 
J.ch / uk cc/ Cassius Clay Great'n Glory
Excellent 1/ cacs / rcacib!!!!

Cassius clay June




CAC Bramsche 21.05.2016
Django Unchained Great 'n Glory
Open Class Exc. 1,VDH CAC, Club CAC, Best Male, BOS
Judge: Mrs V. Grigorova (BG)

Django Unchained may 2016


CAC Bramsche 21./22.05.2016

Helena of Troya Great 'n Glory

wurde bei der Doppelausstellung an beiden Showtagen

"Best of Breed" bzw. Bester Staffordshire Bull Terrier 

Am Samstag gewann sie zusätzlich noch das "Best of Bullbreeds" und kam unter die 4 besten Hunde (aller Rassen) der gesamten Ausstellung.


Zwischenklasse V1, VDH CAC, Club CAC, BOB, Best of Bullbreeds (Richterinnen V.Gigorova, BG & M.Sorum, DK)

Sonntag: V1, VDH CAC, Club CAC, Best of Breed

Richer: Herr A. de Wilde (Belgien)






Europasiegerschau 2016

MultiJCh. Hulk Hogan Great'n Glory belegte von allen besten Terriern der Europasieger Show den 3. Platz   

Der Europa Sieger 2016 &

Bester Staffordshire Bull Terrier der Show

MultiJCh. Hulk Hogan Great 'n Glory

Richter: Herr Patrik Cederlöf, Schweden



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