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CACIB Rostock 2017
Off da Hook Great n Glory 
🏆 1st in Junior Class 
 Junior BOB 
1st in Terrier Group Junior (FCI Group 3)
and (!!!!!) 
 3rd in Junior BEST IN SHOW  🏆



Ejsg. JCh. Out of the Dark Great 'n Glory 
Intermediate Class 1st, CAC & RCACIB




Best Bitch & Best Opposite Sex 
Ch. JCh. Nothing else matters Great 'n Glory 
Exc. 1, CAC, Club CAC & CACIB 
International Dogshow Rostock





Wild Thing GreatnGlory (Pepsi ) 😍 4 Monate bei ihrer ersten Ausstellung .
VV 1 Baby Klasse. Sie hat das so toll gemacht  








JCh. Nothing else matters Great 'n Glory
GBF Nord Cup 2017
1st Intermediate Class, CAC, Club CAC & Best Bitch 
Judge Mr Jürgen Nemitz (Ger)






🏆🏆🏆GBF Nord Cup 2017🏆🏆🏆
Best in Show / Best Dog of the Show 
Best of BreedBester Staffordshire Bull Terrier 
Best Male/ Bester Rüde
1st Intermediate Class
"JCh. EJW. Out of the Dark Great 'n Glory
Judge Breed Specialist Mr Jürgen Nemitz (Ger)
We are over the moon! It's the 3rd BIS for Darko with just 16 months! 
💕Many thanks to the judge Mr Nemitz that he said in front of all exhibitors (and in the critique) that Darko is one of the best StaffBulls that he has seen for many years💕

17-9-2-out-of-the-dark-gng 17-9-out-of-the-dark-gng



Clubshow DCBT Diemelstadt 9.9.2017, Judge Mr. Larry Lunn. ⚡️On The Highway To Hell Great 'n Glory⚡️CLUBJUNIORWINNER, BEST JUNIOR IN BREED, BEST OPPOSITE SEX and finally BEST JUNIOR IN SHOW😊Thank you very much for the nice pic Sabine Fries!!!






⭐️JCh. Nothing else matters Great 'n Glory⭐️
🏆Best of Breed
Intermediate 1st, CAC, Best Bitch & BOB
National Show Bremen 2017
Judge Mrs B. Salewski-Mielchen 
Last Sunday Pippa won the BOB in Croatia 🇭🇷 and today in Germany 🇩🇪 with just 15 months






🏆JCh. Nothing else matters Great 'n Glory 🏆
Best of Breed, Cacib & Split Winner 2017
4 Shows 4 x 1st Intermediate Class Bitches
🇭🇷New Croatian Champion with 15 month🇭🇷





🎉🎉🎉WOW 🎉🎉🎉
We are under the 20 U.K. Top Breeders SBT 2017






Ch. Club W. RCC UK Can't touch this Great 'n Glory💫(Lifetime Crufts qualified)
1st Champion Class, CAC & RCACIB
2nd Best Bitch of the Show
Judge Mr Darko Drobnjak (RS)
💕Many thanks to Camilla Millis Christiansen for the excellent handling of Baby Jane 🌹




🏆Best of Breed🏆 Split Winner 2017🏆
🥇1st Intermediate Class, Best Bitch, CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed & Split Winner 2017🥇 and fulfilled the requirements for the title 🏆Croatian Champion🎬🏆with just 15 months
"JCh. Nothing else matters Great 'n Glory"
Judge Mr Darko Drobnjak (RS)
4 shows and she won all 4 days her class







😍Darko is under the "UK Top Puppy 2017" and also under the "UK Top Junior 2017"

with just a few shows 😍 I wish we could drive more times in the year to the U.K. 

Best Puppy in Breed (CC Show Birmingham, Harry Coble, UK)
Best Puppy in Show (CC Show Staffordshire, Paul Stanway, UK)
1st Yearling Class (CC Potteries UK Show, Steve Bradder)
Europe Junior Winner 2017, Ken Meneer, UK
Junior Champion Germany
Club Junior Winner GBF 2017 Mary Coble, UK
Best Junior of all Breeds (of 58) L. Mach
Terrier Group 2. Place National Show Meisdorf
Terrier Group 3.Place Cacib Dortmund
Best of Breed & Best in Show Bullbreeds Meisdorf, H. Grüttner
Best of Breed & Best in Show Bullbreeds Cacib Dortmund H. van den Berg
🇬🇧Out of the Dark Great 'n Glory








CC Show Potteries 2017 UK  
🥇1st Yearling Class Males (of 13)🥇
bl/br,excellent headshape,deep through,dark eye,neat ear,perfect bite,standard,compact,stood foresquare,excellent front and bone,tight feet,well sprung rib,level topline, closely coupled with nice tuck up,strong well angulated quarters, in excellent coat and condition,superb mover and very well handled.
Many thanks to the Judge Mr Steve Bradder, UK 🇬🇧
And Thanks to Sabine Fries for the nice pic of Darko 😊

24-7-2017-darko-potteries-uk 24-7-2017-darko-potteries-uk2




Potteries CC Show 2017 UK  
JUNIOR DOG ( of 16 )
bl/br,stunning class,could have quite easily handed out 3 first places,this dog stood out,oozes breed type and balance,excels in headshape,distinct stop,dark eye,neat ear,perfect bite,short strong neck into well laid shoulders,good depth of brisket,straight front,excellent bone and feet,good spring of rib,level topline,closely coupled with nice tuck up,strong well angulated quarters, in excellent coat and condition,moved and handled very well.RCC.
Judge Mr Steve Bradder, UK 🇬🇧
Thank you Mr Bradder for this lovely critique & that you thinking so highly about Angus and Darko- litter brothers. 








🏆Best Junior of all breeds🏆
EJW. JCh. Out of the Dark Great 'n Glory
(Uk Ch/Ch/EW It's Prince Naseem GNG x Ch Can't touch this GNG)
National Show Meisdorf 2017
Judge Mrs Lisbeth Mach (Ch)





JCh. On the Highway to Hell Great 'n Glory
(Ch.Can't touch this GNG x Uk Ch. It's Prince Naseem GNG)
German Club Show GBF 
Junior Class 3. Excellent 
Judge Mrs Mary Coble (Surestaff, UK)



05.07.2017 Wir haben Staffordshire Bullterrier Welpen!

Mehr Informationen hier klicken




🏆🥇GBF Club Winner Bitches 2017🏆🥇 
New Champion Germany

Can't touch this Great 'n Glory (UK RCC)

Sunday 1st Open, Best Bitch & BOS 
Judge Mrs Mary Coble (Surestaff, UK 🇬🇧)

Saturday 1st Open, Best Bitch & BOS 
Judge Mr Hans-Erhard Grüttner (Ger)
National Dog Show Meisdorf 2017
Handling Marcel Brehme 
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🏆 Club Junior Winner GBF & Best Junior 2017 🏆
"Out of the Dark Great 'n Glory"
Judge Mrs Mary Coble (Surestaff,UK)


New Junior Champion Germany
🏆Nothing else matters Great 'n Glory🏆
National Dog Show Meisdorf 
Best Junior Bitch 
Judge Mr H.E. Grüttner

Club Show GBF 2017
Junior Class 2nd (of 10)
Judge Mrs M.Coble (UK)

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Europe JW, JCh. Out of the Dark Great 'n Glory 
🏆🏆Terrier Group 2nd 🏆🏆
Judge Mrs Linda Gebauer- Reinelt, Ger
💕What a day- Darko got Best Junior SBT, Best of Breed SBT, Best in Show GBF, Best Junior of all breeds & 2. Terrier Group💕
National Dog Show Meisdorf 2017
Special thanks to the judges Mrs Gebauer- Reinelt, Mrs Mach (Best Junior of all Breeds) and to Mr Grüttner (Best SBT Junior, Best of Breed, Best in Show GBF). We are so grateful and happy 😊

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🥇Best of Breed & Best Junior 🏆
"On the Highway to Hell Great 'n Glory" (13 months)
Cacib Hannover Annual Trophy Show 2017
Judge Mrs Dagmar Brommont-Lothary
Owner Peter & Kerstin Schack
Handling Dennis Weiss
Thanks to Elias Pe Confortamini for the pic

19029517 10212253606550705 4831582200179572137 n



International Show Cacib Erfurt
"On the Highway to Hell Great 'n Glory"
🥇Junior Class Excellent 1, JCAC & Best Junior 🏆
Judge Mr J. Nemitz

On the Highway to Hell Great-n-Glory-staffordshire-bull-terrier-deutschland


National Show 2017 Birmingham
🥇1st Puppy Class & Best Puppy in Show🏆
"Out of the Dark Great 'n Glory"
Judge Mr Harry Coble (Surestaff, UK)

Out of the Dark Great n Glory staffordshire-bull-terrier-deutschland


International Show Cacib Lyon/France (111 entries)
Ch.JCh. CC UK Cassius Clay Great 'n Glory
Best Staffordshire Bull Terrier Male, Cacib & BOS 
Judge Mrs D. Brommont-Lothary
Cassius is the brother to our "Can't touch this Great 'n Glory" which won 3 weeks ago in the UK 🇬🇧 the RCC under Mr Bert Emmett.



Nothing else Matters Great 'n Glory
NWSBTC Championship Show 2017 UK
🥇Best Puppy Bitch 🥇
Black brindle, lovely head shape, compact body shape, right bend of stifle, straight front, neat feet, moved and handled ok
Judge Mr Bert Emmett 
💋Special thanks to Kai Merrick for the excellent handling 🏅


 Best Puppy Dog "On the Highway to Hell Great 'n Glory"

Judge Mr Jimmy Devine


NWSBTC Show 2017 RCC Winner Bitches
 Can't Touch This Great 'N Glory, 
black brindle, first class bitch unfortunate to meet 1st in tip top condition. Typical head, neat ears, clean bite, straight front, good shaped body, correct bend of stifle, correct tail carriage. Movement good, stood and handling first class, my RCC winner.

Judge Mr Bert Emmett



National Terrier CC Show 
Puppy Class 1st 🥇 & Best Puppy Male, Crufts 2018 qualified
Out of the Dark Great n Glory

Black Brindle whose overall stance fits the standard very well, excellent head shape, correct bite with a wicked expression along with a very clean head in total, correct bite and very good depth of underjaw, excellent pigmentation, well boned forequarters and a good topline, well sprung ribcage and excellent conformation of his hindquarters which ties in with his very good movement for a youngster, handled extremely well. Will definitely mature into a constant winner. BPD
Paul Stanway, Waystaff 

Thank you Mr Stanway for this fantastic critique about Darko. We are so happy that he did so well at his first U.K. show.

3-4-Out of the Dark Great n Glory staffordshire-bull-terrier-deutschland

North West SBT Club Show UK
On the Highway to Hell Great 'n Glory
🥇1st 🥇Puppy Dog, Best Puppy Male & Crufts 2018 qualified
Judge J. Devine, Lendevs, UK

7-5-On the Highway to Hell Great-n-Glory-staffordshire-bull-terrier-deutschland

Nothing else matters Great 'n Glory
1st Puppy Bitch, Crufts 2018 qualified 
Judge Mr Bert Emmett, Elvinor UK



National Terrier Show in Stafford/UK
"On the Highway to Hell Great 'n Glory"
Junior Class RES, entries 11, Judge Mr Paul Stanway, Waystaff/UK
His first Champ Show and with 10 months the youngest in the class.
Well done to Kerstin Schack & Peter 🎊🎊🎉🎉

 1-4-On the Highway to Hell Great-n-Glory-staffordshire-bull-terrier-deutschland

🥇New German Champion 🥇
"MultiJCh. EW.Bjsg. Hulk Hogan Great 'n Glory" became in just 1 year and 1 week today a German Champion.
CAC Hamm, Exc.1, CAC, Club CAC, Best Male & BOS

25-3-hulk-hogan- staffordshire-bull-terrier-deutschland

"Nothing else matters Great 'n Glory" (11 months)
Junior Class Bitches 
Excellent 1, JCAC & JClub CAC
CAC Hamm, Germany, Judge Mr Scholten (NL)


First show for "Out of the Dark Great 'n Glory" 10 months old
Junior Class Dogs Winner, Excellent 1, JCAC & Club JCAC
National Show CAC Hamm/Germany, Judge Mr A. Scholten (NL)

25-3-Out of the Dark Great n Glory staffordshire-bull-terrier-deutschland

BEST VETERAN Crufts 2016
"MultiCh.InterCh. Chasey-Lane Great 'n Glory" 9 years old
(Ch. Beruska Slunicko Sedmitecne/ Dala x InterCh. Cheerstaff Pied Piper/Cyrano)


Frohe Ostern 

März 2017

Wir werden immer wieder nach Great 'n Glory Fashion für 2 & 4 Beiner gefragt

Hier der Link zum Shop 

Great 'n Glory Fashion

Februar 2017

Unsere Leonie feiert ihren 12.Geburtstag


Januar 2017

Eukanuba Top Ambassador Züchter Deutschland

Wir freuen uns sehr, zu den von Eukanuba 16 ausgewählten Top Ambassador Züchtern Deutschlands

gehören zu dürfen und damit die Rasse Staffordshire Bull Terrier zu vertreten...

Ein Foto der 16 Top Ambassador Züchter verschiedenster Rassen


Die aktuelle Eukanuba Werbung

Dennis, Benedikt und unsere geliebte Hündin Dala


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